Hippocampal theta codes for distances in semantic and temporal spaces

Using electrodes implanted in human neurosurgical patients, we showed that hippocampal theta oscillations reflect representational distances between word items in memory. This suggests there is a fundamental theta-based mechanism that supports the creation and retrieval of “cognitive maps” in the MTL, for explicitly nonspatial information.

Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram

There’s a factory in Europe that makes antimatter! It’s the rarest, most expensive, and potentially the most dangerous material on earth. Scientists don’t know why this material is so rare. Anti-atoms took 72 years after we discovered antimatter to make. Why?

Why using genetic risk scores on embryos is wrong

… if one is comfortable with both of these technologies, then the argument is that combining them to choose embryos (children) who have lower “bad” risk (for example, lower risk of heart disease) could be a good thing. As I mentioned at the start, I disagree on safety, science and ethical grounds.