Science: early migration from Africa to Europe, Elsevier halts UC access

Top science articles for Thursday, July 11 2019.

Early migration from Africa to Europe

‘An early dispersal of modern humans from Africa to Greece’:

This finding reveals that at least two species of hominin (humans and human relatives from the branch of the family tree after our split from chimpanzees) inhabited southeastern Europe approximately 200,000 years ago.

Elsevier and the University of California

‘Publisher Elsevier halts UC’s access to new articles’:

Last summer, UC began negotiating with Elsevier over its subscription contract with the publishing giant. The university’s goal was to tamp down costs and to provide default open access publishing of UC research…

But in February, UC announced it had ended talks with Elsevier, as the publishing giant and UC were far apart on key issues…

Fortunately, the UC Berkeley Library has developed a plan to help connect researchers with the materials they need, even while direct access to new articles is suspended.