Science: Equality in Physics; Origin of Eukaryotes

Top science articles for Wednesday, August 7 2019.

Gender Equality in Physics

Why we need to keep talking about equality in physics‘:

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2018 Breaking the Barriers report called for cultural change within academia, and identified three key challenges to women’s progression: short-term funding and out-of-date metrics of success; poor academic culture; and difficulties balancing responsibilities with family life. Improving diversity in academic science can often feel like an impossible task – but there are simple steps we could all take to make it more fair for everyone.

Asgard archaeon isolated

Isolation of an archaeon at the prokaryote-eukaryote interface:

Current data suggests that eukaryotes may have risen from an archaeal lineage known as “Asgard archaea”. Despite the eukaryote-like genomic features found in these archaea, the evolutionary transition from archaea to eukaryotes remains unclear due to the lack of cultured representatives and corresponding physiological insight. Here we report the decade-long isolation of a Lokiarchaeota-related Asgard archaeon from deep marine sediment.