Science: Quantum Supremacy; Neuralink; Brexit threat to research

Top science articles for Thursday, July 18 2019.

Quantum Supremacy

‘Quantum Supremacy Is Coming: Here’s What You Should Know’:

The threshold where quantum computers cross from being interesting research projects to doing things that no classical computer can do is called “quantum supremacy.” Many people believe that Google’s quantum computing project will achieve it later this year. In anticipation of that event, we’ve created this guide for the quantum-computing curious.


‘Do Elon Musk’s brain-decoding implants have potential? Experts say they just might’:

Okay, the “sewing machine” is pretty cool. But if the device that Elon Musk’s neurotechnology startup Neuralink developed to implant thousands of electrodes into brains (of rats and monkeys so far, and humans eventually) were its only accomplishment, Tuesday night’s big reveal would have been a big meh. Instead, six independent experts in the kind of brain-computer interfaces that Neuralink is developing told STAT they are impressed for the most part, though caveats abound.

Brexit threat to research

“Johnson and Hunt told no-deal Brexit ‘threat to research'”:

The president of the Royal Society has warned the Tory leadership candidates that UK research could be damaged by a bad deal or no-deal Brexit.

Prof Sir Venki Ramakrishnan has presented them with an analysis showing that the UK collaborates with the EU much more than previously thought.